Supercuts Loyalty Program

Please stop giving out new 12 for 13 cards immediately.

All Supercuts nationwide are enrolling into the Supercuts Loyalty Program.

Our enrollment is September 2024, and this will replace our 12 for 13 cards.

For customers that have these cards, they are welcome to continue to use them until September. However, these cards need to be redeemed by September as we will no longer be accepting the 12 for 13 cards beginning October 1st, 2024.

Getting Ready for September Loyalty Program:
1. Find these items, and set them aside for rollout in September. They were in the December 2023 collateral kits

2. What is the program and training: (Training below)

3. Schedule for migration:

What guests will see when they check-in online:

Training to be completed by September 1st 2024:

Total time to watch is 12 minutes

Program Overview:

How to enroll a customer:

Membership status and point balance:

Redeeming loyalty points:

Loyalty points on a group bill:

Redeeming a free haircut:

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